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Welcome to My New Computer Science Blog

  • GSoC 2019: Cloud-init configuration for virt-manager/virt-install

    25 August 2019 by

    Summary Over the summer of 2019 I worked on the libvirt project as a part of Google Summer of Code. My proposal involved the introduction of cloud-init on virt-manager/virt-install. Cloud-init is a package that contains utilities for early initialization of cloud instances. The idea behind my proposal was to use cloud-init for injecting multiple user-data… Read more

  • Introduction

    25 August 2019 by

    My name is Athina Plaskasoviti. I am a student of the National Technical University of Athens, department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Currently doing my thesis, assessing the limitations of current centralized MQTT frameworks in highly demanding enterprise IoT applications. Also participated in Google Summer of Code 2019, adding cloud-init support for virt-install. This blog… Read more

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